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Deborah Dolen

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Deborah Dolen is Bestselling author of 29 DIY books, 7 Home & Garden DIY videos, and over 1,000 articles, Deborah Dolen, is now on Barnes and Noble's Nook as of 2013. Deborah got her start as an author on amazon in year 2000. Up until that point she was a widow just showing her young daughters how to sell small items on eBay. Deborah was only hoping to inspire "industry" to the young girls. The recipes they posted sold so well that amazon contacted Deborah Dolen in early 2000 and the various recipes and formulas ended up being compiled into some 26 books over the next decade. She went under a pen name because her personal name was so branded in law books and software she wrote previous to crafts. Deborah Dolen went on to film 7 "Do It Yourself" videos now available on Amazon Instant Film and those films have done very well in the Home and Garden markets and channels. Deborah Dolen's DEMO films can be viewed on YouTube. Deborah Dolen is now featured on World News in the home and garden section. In 2010 Deborah struck a deal with Amazon to start selling her work on Kindle.
Deborah Dolen has been featured many times on Amazon. Deborah Dolen is also author of the motivational book "Your Own Lemonade Stand" which clearly delineates that falling simply means to get back up and jump higher! Having prepared over 30,000 low cost divorces in her twenties, and owning 520 legal clinics for the economically disadvantaged in her 30's [more than any person or firm in the nation,] Deborah learned much from her clients. She then focused on human potential at Eckerd College and formulated "models" for success that are described in her Lemonade Stand book. 2015 update For Deborah Dolen Blog's click icon at top of page. Deborah Dolen is very active on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Mobile Apps.
".......A lover of ideas, she has an insatiable intellect that thrives when exposed to life, love, opinion, emotion, and logic. No one so hungry for intellectual food could have come this recently to the world......" James Adams McBain, Attorney After being considered a maverick in the legal field and an author of over 16 major books, Deborah became a widow in her early 30's. She suddenly had the added challenge of remaining successful as single parent of three teenage daughters, with one income and one energy level. Luckily that energy level is a high one and she considers her and her three daughters as successful.

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Images above are of Deborah Dolen filming her 7 Amazon Instant videos in year 2007.  You can find Deborah Dolen's books on Amazon Instant and Barnes and Noble Instant.

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