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Deborah's DIY films average about an hour in length.  Her content is targeted at short term vocational skills such as Floral Design 101 and 102.  Deborah hold's several college and university degrees but feels many short term vocational skill classes, (such as floral design,) can pay far better with less school debt and down time before embarking into a great career.   She is also adamant about "do what you love" for work or career.  Even making soap and candles can be businesses that are very rewarding.  All of Deborah Dolen's films are great for parent/child projects.  Deborah raised three daughters as a widow and kept them busy with "projects" such as the content she filmed-so she attributes that and the fact she was born in a Catholic orphanage as the reason for her gift of industry. 

Her favorite films she created and directed are Floral Design 101 and 102, followed by the complimenting skill set of "How to Make Gift Baskets."  When she filmed the Floral Design series she bought almost every flower in the city and all arrangements after the shoot were donated still fresh to local retirement homes, much to the delight of the recipients.

All of Deborah's films are available exclusively on Amazon per a favorable contract the author has with them.  All of Deborah's films also have an eBook that is not a prerequisite to the film but an important compliment if one plans to enter the target area as a career.  Her print books went out of print in 2006 when she agreed to make all of her books at that time exclusive on Amazon's Kindle platform.  Deborah's eBooks can now also be purchased on Barnes and Noble for NOOK.   Five minute DEMO's of her films are below on YouTube with over half a million views.

Floral Design 101 Floral Design 102
Making Melt and Pour Soap Making Bath and Body Items
How to Make Gift Baskets Making Candles of All Kinds




Films presently in production for 2016 by Deborah include Floral Design for Holidays, Wedding Floral Design she is filming this autumn in Paris and "Garden's with a Purpose" which basically will show how to grow and arrange flowers and accent decor from your own garden.  Other films in production include "The Beekeeper's Digest" which is her most popularly selling book and will show how to make many retail products from be byproducts.  A film about how to make retail products from bee byproducts  may sound insignificant but beekeeping is a way of life for many people around the globe and the only natural resource they may have available to them.